Welcome to Monarch Watch's Milkweed Market!

Monarch butterfly overwintering counts hit all-time lows in recent years and the widespread planting of herbicide tolerant crops, intensive farming, and the ethanol mandate have led to a rapid loss of habitat for monarchs and other pollinators. These important insects need our help. By planting milkweeds (the host plants for monarch caterpillars) and nectar plants for adult monarchs and pollinators, you can help maintain the monarch migration and sustain the insects whose pollination services maintain our ecosystems.

The Milkweed Market is open for Spring/Summer 2024 preorders!
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Important Ordering Information:
  1. Shipping & handling fees are included in the price of the flats of milkweed plugs.
  2. When you submit your order, your credit card will be charged, and you will receive an email confirming your milkweed request has been received.
  3. We typically ship milkweed to Texas and Oklahoma in April and other regions after 1 May. You will only be able to order milkweed that is available to ship to your ZIP code.
  4. Availability is ultimately based on our seed supply and propagation success. If we are unable to fulfill your milkweed order, we will send an email confirming the cancellation and issue a refund to your credit card.
  5. As the milkweeds near shipping readiness, we review orders with our nurseries to ensure we can fulfill all orders. Once confirmed, you will receive an email indicating your order has been approved for shipping.
  6. You will receive a tracking number and other shipment details via email when your milkweed flat(s) ship.
  7. By placing an order, you agree to accept plants that are not showy, but have viable roots that, with proper care, will grow to become critical monarch habitat. See below for additional information.
About Our Milkweed Flats:
  1. These native plants are grown in wholesale restoration nurseries, not retail nurseries. Unlike plants grown for showiness at a retail nursery, these are grown for habitat restoration and are often trimmed of leaves prior to shipment to conserve water. This does not harm the plants. Most plants will arrive with green leaves; however, some may lack leaves due to recent trimming or dormancy.
  2. The roots are the most important part of these hardy natives. Do not discard plants that have come out of their flat during shipping! They are still viable even if the stems and leaves are broken and they will still establish from the well-developed roots. We are not responsible for damage to plants during shipping.
  3. These milkweed plugs are too young to be a suitable source of milkweed for monarch rearing kits. They are native, perennial plants that must be planted and allowed to mature before harvesting leaves for rearing. Once established, these milkweeds will provide significant monarch habitat as the food source for monarch caterpillars for years to come.